Lene's Hair/Skin Blessin Products

Lene’s Hair/Skin Blessin Products

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Lene’s Hair/Skin Blessin Products has hair and skin care essentials that are effective and safe. Read the reviews of some of her satisfied customers from Mullins and Florence, South Carolina to learn more about her products. You may watch our video on Facebook to see photos of our customers using our products.

I've been suffering with alopecia for years and using Lene's products is growing my hair out!!! Don't sleep on these Products!!!

- LeVondra Evans— (5 star January 23)

I have actually used this product and started out using when it was fairly new. There's not one thing negative I can say and would advise anyone who have had hair problems to invest in something that I know works!!!!

- Raneika Brunson — 5 star (November 18, 2015)

I truly love this product! I can see a difference already.

- Bri Campbell— 1 star (November 18, 2015)

You are my true angel!!! I’ve only been using your products for 4 days and I can see the little fine hair growing on my edges that I haven’t seen since my edges fell out and my bald spot on top of my head is have little fine hair growing too. I will be stocking up on your products!!! I’m taking pics every week.

-  Lene’s Hair/Skin Blessin Products Client